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These themes are great and extremely fun ways to raise money for your organization. 

It is as simple as getting 20 or so prizes donated, sell the numbered perforated ticket sheets, buyers put the tickets in the buckets for the prizes they most want, and at the end of the event you just draw the winner of each prize.

Each card has 20 tickets numbered the same. Use strategy and load up just a few boxes with your number, or spread it out by dropping one or two in each. Sells the sheets at whatever price you want .. you control how much you make!

Several great themes to choose from, which match the prizes donated, ie. Gift Cards, Wine, Coffee, Gift Basket, etc.

Ticket pages (which have 20 small tickets and a large numbered stub for the buyer to keep) are sold in blocks of 100 pages/numbers.

Ticket games can be great fundraisers. The organization sells the tickets. Whenever a crowd gathers ticket games are one of the easiest, most fun and guaranteed winners.

Our ticket games come in sheets of 20 tickets. The price of the sheet of tickets can be $5, $10 or  $20 or any increment and combination. Frequently they are sold as $10 each or 3 for $20.  The buyer (player) deposits the individual tickets into the box next to the item they wish to win. More tickets, mean a greater chance at winning any individual item.