Pre-Numbered SUPRA Bid Paddle Sets (100/set), 1 or 2 sided


$ 99.00

100 count series. Available in sets up to 1000. 7" wide x 5-3/4" tall bidder paddles with rounded corners, with numbering that is 3-5/8" tall. Made of our heaviest 18 point poster board. Bold 3-5/8" tall numbers in dark blue ink.


Choose either: 1 side only with stick glued and exposed on back; or 2 sided, which is 2 cards with stick sandwiched between, note 2 sided is stapled.

ORDERING NOTE: 1. Sets much be ordered in full sets, ie. 1-100, 101-200, etc.; 2. To order multiple number series, select number set - Add to Cart - select next series - Add to Cart, etc.: 3. If wanting to order 1 to 1000, you can select the last option in the pulldown menu (Full Set).