NEW Lucky Number Fundraising Games. Big fun.


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Many great themes that are extremely fun  to raise money for your organization. 

It is as simple as getting 20 or so prizes donated. That forms the basis for the game. When your crown gathers,  sell the numbered perforated ticket sheets for $5.00, $10.00 or $20.00 each.  Buyers put the tickets in small boxes near the prizes they most want, and at the end of the event you just draw a ticket for each prize which wins that prize.

Each card has 20 tickets all numbered the same. Buyers use strategy  load up just a few boxes with their numbers, or spread it out by dropping one or two in each. Sells the sheets at whatever price you want .. you control how much you make! Decks come in lots of 100 sheets (100 sales).   Many themes to choose from, which match the prizes donated, ie. Gift Cards, Wine, Coffee, Gift Basket, Baked Goods, etc. We can also custom make a theme just for your event. 

Ticket pages (which have 20 small tickets and a large numbered stub for the buyer to keep) are sold in blocks of 100 pages/numbers. We sell consecutive numbered as high as the amount you buy. So 300 cards will number 1 to 300, etc.  Great for corporate events, teambuilding, etc. 

The strategy is simple.  If you get 20 members to bring a baked item and sell them all for $10.00 each you make $200 for your group.   If you sell 100 pages of game tickets at $10.00 each you make $1000 for your group.  These "penny auctions" have been popular since the 1800's as a way to raise small amounts of money for many organizations because they are fast, fun and easy to run. 

In some geographic locations these games may be considered a raffle or game of chance and may need a permit or license from a government or law enforcement authority. We make no representation as to the legality of this game in your or any location and would urge potential buyers to check with their governing, gaming, permit, or sales tax authority before conducting the game.