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We've been the nations number one auction supplier since 1980. Kiefer Auction Supply has the largest selection of products designed to save time, increase organization and engage the crowd, making your auctions the best!

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Organize Your Next Auction:

We've developed many products over the years, with the idea that an auction is successful when it's organized, well marketed and designed to be an experience for attendees. From forms to cash boxes, audio systems and slot files, we've thought of everything to help you maintain control and make your next auction the most successful and stress free event you've ever had.

Set Your Auction Business Apart:

Kiefer Auction Supply manufactures many of the products you see in our catalog. This not only means that they have been designed by auctioneers to perform in a tough environment, but many of these products can be customized to show off your business and build the brand that you deserve. If you'd like your logo used on a product, or special graphics to really set you apart from the competition, we can work with your team to accomplish those goals. Ask one of our professional customer service representatives about customization by calling (218) 736-7000

We Specialize in Auction Products:

We've been providing supplies to auctioneers since 1980. Each of our products are either designed by us or carefully chosen to provide the best possible solutions to our industry. We're auctioneers and understand what it takes to hold a successful auction. Our long time customers can attest how our products have helped them regularily plan and execute successful auctions.


We're available to help you! Please feel free to contact one of our professional customer service team with our online chat, email or by phone, we're there for you!

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Large Erasable 2' x 4' Charity Check
Your Price: $89.00
Large Erasable 2' x 4' Charity Check
Very large erasable 2 ft. by 4 ft. Custom check. Show off your organization with pride with this photo-opp big check. Use erasable marker to use the check again and again.