RescueMan Personal PA System with Headband Mic by Anchor Audio


$ 379.00

RescueMAN Personal PA System was designed for first _x000D_responders requiring voice amplification for emergencies _x000D_or crowd control situations. 109 dB of crystal clear sound_x000D_pumped out of a lightweight, wearable enclosure designed _x000D_to be heard over loud emergency equipment or in an active _x000D_environment. It also features a high quality record and replay _x000D_function which allows a user to record a voice message up to _x000D_20 seconds with repeating capablility. Includes Headband mic. Rechargeable batteries included.

_x000D_ 109 dB of clear sound
_x000D_ 30 watt amplifier (60 watt peak rating)
_x000D_ Lightweight - Just over 2 lbs
_x000D_ High quality record & replay function
_x000D_ Up to 20 second recordable messages with_x000D_repeating capablity
_x000D_ Siren alert button
_x000D_ Large push buttons for use with gloves on
_x000D_ Dynamic lightweight microphone
_x000D_ Powered with 10 AA Alkaline or rechargeable NIMH (included)
_x000D_ Operates up to 12 hours on a single charge
_x000D_ Optional car charger
_x000D_ Adjustable strap for easy handling