NEW Indoor/Outdoor Storm Tag (100 or 500)


$ 13.50

Kiefer's NEW Indoor/Outdoor Storm Tag is just off the press.  It is a synthetic material that resists tearing.  It's a great lower cost paper tag alternative.

Tag is Size #5 (2-3/8 x 4-3/4). HUGE 1-3/4" Number!

We recognize that Tyvek and other synthetic long-lasting tags are super expensive. So we went on the look out for a non-paper indoor/outdoor tag we could sell to auctioneers  cheaper than tyvek.   We tried a bunch of substrates and finally arrived at this great tag. It's a paper face, but non-tear plastic base. 

1. Should last indoors or out for 30 days in all weather conditions. Use industrial markers to mark when necessary. 

2. Tear resistant to avoid pulling out in normal wind/weather conditions.

3. No reinforcement patch or eyelet to lower the cost. We drilled two 1/8" holes to make it more resistant to ties or wires pulling out.  Just loop fastener thru both holes. 

4. CHOOSE EITHER: Boxes of 500, numbered 1 to 500; OR Packs of 100 (801 to 900, or 901-1000). All with a 1-3/4" Jumbo Number.

NOTE: This is not Tyvek, and not reinforced so it's designed for 30 or so days outdoors. It's a lower cost alternative to paper tags which can have a life outdoors of only a few days.  Bold jumbo number so you can see it plainly in all light conditions. 

Use with cable ties, loops, strings, wires or any type of hanger.

Special 2 hole design makes for more proper hanging tag.