Handy Number 1 to 500 Decks (2 Styles)


$ 29.95

These are a "must have" for any auctioneer, appraiser or inventory control person. Bold black ink on white or also available in two part white/pink. Size is 2-3/4" tall x 3-3/4" wide.

First think in a building go around and number every item and this is your starting point. Great for use with internet "flipper decks" so you leave the lot number on the item after you put it on line. These are "tape on" and not self-stick. But designed for use with a 3-inch roll of tape. 

The two part is great because you can take the first "white" copy off it when you have entered it leaving the pink copy showing on the item. This shows the lotting crew is pink shows that it's been counted or lotted. Great for appraisal teams or anyone doing inventory.

 SINGLE PART - 1 to 500
Order #KAS-1396
One Deck.....$29.95
Two Decks....$28.95 each
Five Decks....$27.95 each.

TWO PART Numbered 1 to 500
Order # KAS-1397
One Deck.....$39.95
Two Decks....$38.95 each
Five Decks....$37.95 each