Fun-Tas-Tic Tickets, 50 Numbered Sheets

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$ 12.95

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A FAN-TAS-TIC fundraiser event. These tickets have their history dating back over 100 years but are still a great fundraising event today.

Items can bring many times their value with this system because customers buy a sheet of tickets and put their tickets into their favorite item(2) bin. At the end of the auction, a winning ticket is drawn from each bin to decide the winner.

Perfect for things like cakes and baked goods. If you have 20 items and they usually bring $10 each you only make $200. But here you can charge $5.00 a sheet for the tickets and sell 100 sheets and make $500 for he same amount of work. Sell 200 tickets and you can make $1000 for the same work as you would usually make $200.

When you order more than 1 set, we will make sure to give you consecutively numbered ticket sheets.

Every order comes with a FREE POSTER explaining the RULES of the event to your auction participants. FREE Labels (enough for 40 Auction Items) also come with every order to mark items and item bins for use with your tickets.