Flipper Decks

Our wide variety of Flipper decks are perfect for a wide range of uses including online auctions, live auctions, inventory control and much more. We manufacture our own flipper decks to work specifically for the auction industry. We have both stock and custom versions built from durable acrylic and the very professional looking aluminum flipper decks. Our flipper decks are a great resource for a variety of auction methods. We've found this to be the easiest method of auction lot management. With a flipper deck in each photo it's a breeze to tell which items belong in a lot. No more wasting time with paper and markers when time is so valuable. Our flipper decks are your solution.

Acrylic Flipper Decks

Aluminum Flipper Decks

Metal Flipper Deck Base

Ordering Your Flipper Deck Assembly

Step 1: Base

Your Flipper Deck Base can be constructed from durable acrylic or aluminum.

Our acrylic bases come in a variety of colors and sizes. These deck bases can be customized by printing text below the deck. This our most durable flipper deck base.

Aluminum deck bases are our most customizeable product. Each base can be custom printed with your logo, business name or special designed to fit your needs. Each deck is die sublimation printed for a moisture resistant finish and ultimate customization.

Step 2: How Many Decks?

Flipper decks have a variety of uses.

This is why we've designed our line of decks and bases as modular pieces.

There are a variety of deck configurations to consider, from single deck bases to several decks on each base. We can also manufacture any custom configuration you may need.

Step 3: Deck Style & Type

We carry stock heavy cardboard flipper decks for general use in numeric, alpha and symbols in all sizes. We can also custom print both card stock deck and aluminum flipper decks.

Our aluminum flipper decks are printed in the same high quality and extremely customizeable die sublimation process as our deck bases, making our aluminum decks the most professional looking deck for both acrylic and aluminum bases.