Handheld 45 Watt PA w/ corded mic by Mipro

SKU:  MA-101C

$ 249.00

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Since the mid-late '90s, the MA-101 handheld PA has been mass-produced and it remains a market-leading system as MIPRO ensures product design, craftsmanship and reliability are second to none. Now, a new model MA-101c is introduced and upgraded to rechargeable lithium battery from sealed lead-acid battery for improved reliability, longer life, reduced weight and higher performance. Grayish black color design for production differentiation.

Lightweight, robust and battery operated, this PA system with mic can be hand carried, shoulder strapped or mounted on a microphone stand and ideal for addressing a small crowds.

Ideal applications include:
School classrooms
Places of worship
Presentations, seminars and meetings
Day-care activities; playground duty
Indoor/outdoor gatherings
Tour guides & Paging
Fire fighters, law enforcement, search & rescue
Street performers
Factory or company tours
"Accept No Imitations or Counterfeits"

MIPRO MA-101 was introduced to worldwide marketplace in 1996. In recent years we have seen growing counterfeits and look-alike from questionable brands that are made-in-China. Inferior counterfeit products may not meet legal requirements in terms of materials, workmanship, and safety. Other concerns are inferior sound quality, limited wireless operating range, durability issue and no warranty will be provided.